About Turkven

Turkven is the leading private equity firm in Turkey since 2000Our team of investment professionals have accumulated unique insights and experience through dedicated and result-oriented portfolio management.Turkven has a culture of company-building through sectoral expertise and has consistently partnered with leading firms across industries.

Top 3 MoC returns,

Turkven holds the record for realizing the top three highest money multiple returns in Turkish PE history with Pronet, Mavi and Domino's.

$5 billion invested,

Turkven involved in investments of over $5 billion since 2000.

Established in 2000,

Turkven is the first independent private equity firm in Turkey.

First and largest,

Turkven conducted the first and the largest PE backed leveraged buy-outs in Turkey with UNO Bakery in 2003 and Migros in 2008.

Blue-chip LP base,

The international institutional investors working with Turkven have assets of over $2 trillion worldwide, providing us with a unique global network.

Truly independent,

Funds working with Turkven have no Turkish investors, eliminating potential conflicts of interest.