Sustainability for Turkven

We are increasingly alert to the impact the private equity industry has on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues across many countries and sectors. As Turkven, we have integrated early on careful analysis and responsible management of ESG issues in our key investment and portfolio monitoring processes.We are committed to helping our investment funds first make responsible investments and then influence corporate behaviour to achieve improved ESG performance. We believe that best practice on ESG not only mitigates risk and enables sustainability but also enhances long-term value of our businesses.

Promoting Woman

One of the most significant driving forces of economic and social development for countries is the size and quality of human capital. We believe that increasing participation of women in workforce is a critical step in the country’s development and prosperity. In Turkey, thanks to the steps taken to increase participation of women in workforce, the employment rate of women has risen to 33,6% in 2017 vs. 23,6% in 2007.

We emphasize the increasing participation of women in workforce across our portfolio companies:

  • Of the 54,000 employees in our portfolio, 46% are women.
  • Of all the CXO’s (N-1 positions to the CEO), 24% are women.
  • Of all the board of directors at our portfolio companies 13% are women.

Sustainability Efforts at Our Portfolio

We strive to contribute to the quality of life in the society we live in.

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Turkey's leading cargo express parcel company, MNG Cargo, focuses on education to create a sustainable society.

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In line with its 63 year history and sustainability vision, Migros, which has such strong ties of affection with its consumers, takes concrete steps to raise social awareness in the field of social responsibility and executes pioneering...

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Mavi aims to create sustainable benefits for the community and empower young people through youth-inspired social responsibility initiatives.

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Annual Sustainability Report

We monitor ESG issues across our portfolio companies and produce annual ESG reports. We are happy to provide our LPs with the latest report as they contact and request a copy.